Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Night at the International Bazaar

The International Bazaar is an Indian market place on the Northwest side of town right next door to the Lafayette Square Mall. It consists of a supermarket, a boutique, a vegetarian restaurant, a non-vegetarian restaurant, and an India fast food restaurant.

Entrance to the bazaar, right next to India Palace.

I'm glad they're renovating the entrance; with the long, dark, narrow hallway that used to be there, I always felt like I would be asked to check a weapon, pay a bookie, or something.

The layout of the place:

Fresh vegtables and spices, Indian Food is all about veggies and spices.

Authentic Grains and Rice.

Indian Deserts

CD, DVD sale!

Oldschool crank type phonograph....In very good condition.

This doodle on this Hindi magazine was sitting close to the front counter. I think the horseshoe makes Obama look Baadasssss!


Rebecca said...

Wow! I've been to India Palace a million times and had no idea all that was right next door. I'll have to check it out next time I'm there.

Sarah said...

I love that place and could look at the grocery area for a long time. Udupi is so tasty, unfortunately I don't know anyone who likes it as much as I do. Thanks for the pictures and reminding me that it's there.

The Urbanophile said...

Awesome photo series.

Kevin said...

Is there an entire aisle for pickles? Awesome.

I also love Udapi. Only lunch buffet I've been to where they will also bring you a dosa.

mheidelberger said...

Although I typically frequent India Palace more than Udupi, Udupi is one of the most unique experiences you will have at an Indian restaurant in Indianapolis. Like Kevin said, you get a dosa with your meal, and the fare is much more unique than you will find at most other Indian restaurants around. The supermarket is also an interesting experience and yes, it does feature an entire aisle of pickled goods! Besides the nearby Saraga, it is a rather large international market.