Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays from Islamorada, Florida Keys

Lone illuminated palm tree on the beach.

Along US Highway 1
Also along US-1, kind of creepy.

Sunset on the Florida Bay.

Beach on the Atlantic at night.

US Highway 1 is the only way in or out of the Florida Keys.


Rebecca said...

Lucky you!!! The Keys are wonderful, and the warm weather sounds blissful right now.

Kyle said...

Last Thanksgiving, my girlfriend and I went camping in Key West. We made the drive from Tampa, a whopping 8 hours. We were so excited once we got to Key Largo! Little did we know that was only HALF WAY and we still had another 4 hours to go!

mheidelberger said...

When I left Indianapolis on Sunday, it was 5 degrees, and an unfathomable wind chill. The weather is lovely here right now, yesterday was sunny and 75 and today is sunny and 80, both days with a strong breeze.

From a map, traversing the keys seems like a short hop, skip, and a jump, but the drive along US-1 takes hours! My flight landed in Miami(to land in Key West would cost an outrageous amount of money) and took close to two hours to drive where we are now.

WYA! said...

What a lovely way place to spend the holiday. Mrs. WYA! watched too many Bogart movies and read too much Hemingway so she had to do the Keys once in her lifetime too. Last February, we also flew into Miami and made the drive to Key West. We're glad that we got to see it, but once is probably enough for us for Key West. (We were really excited to see the African Queen boat in Key Largo though)