Friday, December 26, 2008

Exploring the Magnificent Mile - Part 1

In a previous post a few weeks ago, I featured the South Garfield/South Village neighborhood, which featured a mural stating "The Magnificent Mile Starts Here". I decided to visit these murals of this Magnificent Mile surrounding Madison Ave. I initially noticed them while shooting the neighborhood, but wanted to come back on a nicer day. After some exploration, and possibly some trespassing, I found some really interesting artwork in the form of many more murals.

I started here, looking East on Terrace.

Looking North on the tracks toward the Indianapolis Skyline.

Looking to the South on the tracks.

The harshest Juxtaposition I've seen in a while...

While taking the last shot, this squirrel approached me, and I swear when I aimed my camera at him/her it began to do these poses before running off to chase after another squirrel.

Anyone whom frequents Madison Ave, would easily recognize this.

Severe erosion creates a viscous hazard near high speed traffic.

One of the few pedestrian overpass crosswalks in the city, and an interesting one it is.

Access to the crosswalk from Madison Ave.

Inside the crosswalk.

Looking North.

Looking South.

On the East side of the crosswalk.

Getting a little too nosey.

Looking west across a nearby railroad bridge.

Looking at LOS and an impressive mural (to be featured in part 2) from the neighborhood.

Indianapolis' Southern skyline from the nearby railroad bridge.

This bridge has been adapted into quite the canvas.

Looking down at Madison Ave.

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