Sunday, November 30, 2008

Downtown Christmas Decor

It's the holiday season in Indianapolis again, and that means lots of seasonal lighting. The Friday night after Thanksgiving known as the circle of lights, is a long standing Indianapolis tradition. I decided to scope it out late at night, because I wasn't feeling up to being among a really large crowd that night.

The first night of lighting for the 2008 Holiday Season.

Yes, I like reflections.

West end, Monument Circle

Lobby of the IPL Building. I wish they could have faced another nutcracker toward the window.

IPL Building lighting pattern now features a Christmas tree.

The Broadbent Building on the night of the lighting of the circle.

CVS on Ohio Street.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Underground Indy

Massachusetts Ave and Valley Street in the Brookside Neighborhood.

Strip mall at the corner of Sherman Drive and Washington Street.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A thanksgiving sunset; looking west on E. Washington Street and East Street about 5:30pm.

Nocturnal reflections from One Indiana Square

I've been following the progress of the installation of the new facade on One Indiana Square. Although I have observed it in daylight where it's reflections of the skyline around it are really nice, I was curious to see what it reflects at night.

At a distance from Pennsylvania Street.

I remember looking at a rendering of how this project would look from a skyline view, there was careful attention to remove this logo (then First Indiana) from the building across the street in that rendering. The irony if nothing else is worth at least a small chuckle.

The Chase Tower is reflected quite nicely.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indianapolis Architecture - Riley Towers

Built in 1963, at close to 300 feet tall, they are the tallest residential buildings in the city (and in the state of Indiana).

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Places and Architecture of Southport Part 2

Any writeup on Southport without acknowledging Long's Bakery would be blasphemous.

Stock footage of their neon sign.

The old school. I've been told that they were apartments at one time, after some renovation, they would make excellent apartments or even mixed use.

This truck is parked behind the school.

Dance Master Studio. They have recently expanded, including another location a few blocks to the west.

Next to Dance Master Studio
Yollie's Asian Grocery; it has a primarily Filipino focus, including video rentals.

Southport Putt-Putt. Open every summer season.

Northeast on Main Street toward Derbyshire.

Many of the houses and buildings in this neighborhood have be renovated, but there are clues to let you know how old this town really is.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The places and architecture of Southport Part 1

On the far South side, it is one of the four independent cities within Indianapolis, called Southport. Due to it's self management, it has retained much of it's historical value and distinctivness during the suburban sprawl of Indianapolis over the years. There are many things of interest here, so this will be a multi-part post.

This was built the year before last, still don't know what its used for.

The old Southport post office branch.

The Southport Antique Mall on Southport Road.

Interesting house and garage with a lot of detail on Main Street.

Unique houses on Church Street

On Southport Road.

I'll leave you with a cloudy sunset captured on Church Street

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Indy after dark

The sun goes down rather early now days.

Fletcher Ave. from a window within Dunaways.

Pennsylvania Street close to the War Memorial

Looking at Lockerbie Marketplace from inside the Old Pointe Tavern.

Alleyways seem to look cooler at night than in the day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walking on a thin rope

There has been a disturbing number of pedestrians being struck and killed by cars in the news lately. There is yet another story in the Indianapolis Star about a fifteen year old student that was struck by a truck on his way to school.

I know this is an issue frequently discussed in many blogs, but I felt compelled to chime in on the issue that it is dangerous to be a pedestrian in Indianapolis. What's even worse, is that many in places where students walk to school or a bus stop, there are no accommodations for pedestrian students at all.

I am reminded of the Indy/MC public library branch in Eagledale, which is actually in the neighborhood, but there is no stretch of sidewalk connecting the rest of the neighborhood to this very busy library. To make matters worse, the neighborhood is on a flood plane, so after a rain storm, you can see young library visitors walking even further in the street to traverse the temporary obstacle.

This post doesn't really offer possible solutions to resolve the problem, only something to think about.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Indianapolis Architecture - Blacherne / Vermont Place

On the corner of Meridian and Vermont Streets. Built in the late 1800's by General Lew Wallace (of Ben-Hur fame), the building has some pretty interesting detail.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indianapolis Neighborhoods - Concord / South Meridian

This neighborhood is kind special to me; my family has a lot of history here. My Great Grandparents lived here, my grandparents were raised, married, and buried here, and my mom was born here. When I was a child, this area was quite blighted and decayed; today, it is a charming urban neighborhood with different classes of people. Unfortunately, the one thing that hasn't changed is the occasional industrial smell that graces the area with it's presence.

On Meridian Street; now a parish hall of Sacred Heart.

There's something these older structures have that is missing in newer ones.

Same here...

And Here...

Union Street

Minnesota Street...These types of classic houses are plentiful here.

My great grandparents lived here for years, my great aunt lived in the house to the right.

Meridian and Morris; my mom was born here. Time has not been kind to this place.

Nothing rings in an architectural movement like cinder blocks.

East down Karcher Street. In places where the pavement is cracked, you can still see the brick that was paved over.

The sign says it all.

View of Sacred Heart Steeples from Karcher Street.

Chase Tower in the distance from Union Street.

Look up periodically, there's always something to see.

Sacred Heart

Some blighted row houses. Wouldn't those be pretty cool after little (or maybe a lot of) renovation?

View of the Indianapolis Skyline from South Meridian.

I took many more pictures of this neighborhood that are not posted on this blog. If you are more interested in this neighborhood, check out the South Meridian Neighborhood set on my Flickr page.