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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Running with the Cars

I frequently see people walking or jogging in bike or lanes and I can’t seem to help but think how ridiculously idiotic they look.  I can only speculate that their reason for engaging in this behavior is that they believe that all the people walking on the sidewalks will slow them down, even in an industrial ghost town stretch of street such as this.  I can get annoyed with cyclist that don’t follow traffic rules, ride on the sidewalks, endanger pedestrians, etc, but I’m in their corner on this one; and when this pedestrian has to have some fixie’s handlebars surgically removed from their rectum, perhaps in time they will change their behavior.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Foulness: Defecation and Mass Transit

I definitely do not condone the act of urinating in public places, but from a male perspective, I at least understand it; its easy and can be done with a relative amount of discretion. Defecating in public transit system, however, requires more cojones than the lowly public urinator. I've never had the unfortunate experience of stumbling upon someone in the act of 'performing', but have stumbled upon the aftermath more than occasionally.

Some subway stations tend to be more notorious than others; the Chambers Street Station (J,Z trains) in Lower Manhattan, in my humble option is one of the worst, with an aroma that resembles an under serviced port-o-let in the middle of July with the combination of bleach (and sometimes without the bleach).

I have stumbled upon other acts of foul Subway Douchery that I suppose deserves honorable mention here: such as people stripping down (and I mean completely) and changing clothes on the station platform or the Saturday night sinner beginning his Sunday redemption early in the form of purging his gastric contents (if I'm lucky, between his own feet, if not, between mine) on a moving subway car. Ahhh, haven't I made your Friday morning complete? No need to thank me ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Relapse

Less than 48 hours ago, it was 68 degrees, the snow was all but melted, and sunny.  Tonight it snows...

Taken at the corner of Bedford and Lafayette, the subway entrance in my neighborhood.  This photo should be viewed large, you may click the image to do so.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urban Canyon ^ 2

Due to repeated cycles of winter weather, pickup of trash and recyclables in NYC has been suspend for much of the past few months.  This enormous backlog of refuse are quite evident and I don’t envy the sanitation workers.  It takes up precious sidewalk realestate and on warmer days emits a fetid odor, but the rats are happy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chaotic Intersection: Myrtle and Broadway

Myrtle and Broadway in my very own neighborhood, Bed Stuy is one of those types of intersections that makes me glad I don't have to drive in this city. Narrow Streets, Jay Walkers, Wide Buses and trucks, impatient drivers, and sheer volume of traffic make this horn blowing street corner a driving dystopia...

What's the Heidelberger Papers without a nice rant every now and then?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under (and Beside) the Bridge of 59th Street

The Queensboro (or 59th Street) Bridge is about to be renamed the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, after the former New York City mayor. The renaming sounds about as cluncky as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, née Triboro Bridge. It may be just me, but when you rename timeless icons after a politicians or a company, it takes a little away from its status of timeless. Maybe I should take my case to The People's Court ;) Rant is complete... You can also see the Roosevelt Island Tramway in the background, which was closed for construction at the time of this shot.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Regular Service will be Restored....When we Say So

I just love waiting 30-60 minutes for the G train to come. They can only run one train at a time in each direction because the track is in use by these fellas. I know maintenance must be done and such things can cause inconvenience, so I sat there motionless...waiting until the next train came (they did the exact same). Classic MTA.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Urban Photographer's Blues

What can I say, I've got the urban photographer's Blues... It was a nicely lit day for photos, and I was out on the prowl with my camera to get a great shot. There it was, I found it! It was a historic art deco subway station in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I begin to shoot it, and this fellow, whom resembled Jodie Foster's pimp in the film Taxi Driver (played by Harvey Keitel) stepped into my shot and began to swear and perform obscene gestures at yours truly. See attached photo for said crazy dude...

You may ask, what does it matter what some random, wild-eyed dude thats five days off his haloperidol says anyway? In isolated incident form, nothing at all, but this happens to me all the time...Regardless of the location, both civilians and members of law enforcement alike. So all of my ranting boils down to this very question: what is it about a photographer that seems to invoke the most basic paranoid instincts in people? Its obvious I'm not some sleazy paparazzi photog shoving a gigantic zoom lens in some has-been celebrity's face, nor am I some voyeur sporting an erection clicking away in the bushes. Regardless, people will dive out of the way of a camera as if the shutter will rob them of their very soul...Interesting

Best if the crazy dude is viewed large...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Line of Fire

This crossing is notorious for being an uncomfortable pedestrian experience. Located at Meridian and Fall Creek...

Best if viewed large...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blocking up the Scenery, Breaking my Mind

Seriously, could these signs be any bigger? This is Pennsylvania Street and 13th, Old Northside, not some rural/suburban stretch of highway...