Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indianapolis Neighborhoods - Southeastern Avenue, English Avenue Part 2

Part 2 - Further East (Between Sherman Drive and State Ave.)

Interesting church. Along English Avenue, close to Southeastern Avenue.

Houses along English Avenue.

Substation at English and Southeastern Avenues.

Interesting Mid-Century warehouse on Southeastern Avenue.

So industrial...

Kevin mentioned this intersection a while commenting on a previous post. This shot still doesn't do justice as to how large this intersection is. The junction of Southeastern, English, and Rural Street.
The old school on the west side of the above intersection.

Houses along Southeastern Avenue.

Hmmm...Does someone live in there?

The neighborhood is pretty dense.

The only evidence of was once there and is not anymore.
Whats also interesting about this neighborhood is that one block will look like this.
And this.

Another one looks like this.

And this.

An old corner mart.

Anyone remember that episode of the Simpsons where Sideshow Bob was hell bent on destroying Bart? Well OK, there were several of those. I shuttered like Sideshow Bob during that scene when he kept stepping on the rakes.


thundermutt said...

Love the pics. Getting close to home!

Also huge: the intersection of Pleasant Run and English, just east of the substation.

FYI, Citizens Energy will soon be dismantling the now-closed Indianapolis Coke plant in the "industrial" picture (which, ironically, is the reason School 21--the school pictured--was closed: incredibly bad air quality).

mheidelberger said...

I bet the people who reside in the neighborhood arent going to miss that plant when it goes. Now only if they could do something about the air quality (certain days have this unbearable smell of rotten eggs) on the south side, my soon to be changing neck of the woods.