Friday, January 30, 2009

Indianapolis Intersections - Prospect Street and Pleasant Run Pkwy

This is the intersection of Prospect Street and Pleasant Run Pkwy. On the southeast side of Indianapolis, it is only a few blocks from the old Indianapolis Coke plant. Right by the railroad bridge, there is a park bench that sits by Pleasant Run.

Prospect Street.

The old railroad bridge that is near the intersection. I've observed and have taken so many pictures of the old railroad bridges around town, and no two are exactly alike.

A reader left a comment on a previous post giving me a tip for this location. While I was taking pictures of the Indianapolis Coke plant, I saw this waterfall and remembered their comment. It's an interesting scene to see in an industrial, somewhat dirty area around the plant.

Mmmmm combined sewer/storm water drainage.... I had to take deliberate positions to exclude this from the previous shots.


thundermutt said...

From English Ave. south/west through the Citizens Coke vicinity, it's really UnPleasant Run.

Anonymous said...

eww what sort of new life forms are evolving in that primordial slime in that last pic. cool shot.

This is on the Pleasant Run trail, the trail gets weird around here, this is at the dead end of a spur of the trail, to get back on the trail you have to go back to Keystone and ride your bike north up the sideride. Got any pictures of that big gas storage structure on the other side of the tracks? Pics of the old drivein theatre could be cool too.

mheidelberger said...

I don't know what that slime consists of, but the taggers responsible for the graffiti should probably be quarantined. I do have a picture of the gas silo you speak of (which can be found on my Flickr page), but wasn’t to impressed with the way the picture came out, so I will probably retake it and feature it on another industrial post. When the snow melts, I will have to explore the drive in as well.