Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lo-Fi Simulation

Before I begin this post, I must confess...I don't own one piece of lo-fi camera equipment. My modest arsenal contains no holga, lomo, reflex, or toy cameras of any kind. That doesn't mean I can't simulate them with a harmonious mix of digital camera settings and Photoshop fudging. My style tends to favor higher contrast shot, but these contradict this nature of mine.

Looking at the Midtown Manhattan skyline from across the East River in Hunters Point, Queens.

Endless amounts of conduit populate the Court Street station in Downtown, Brooklyn.

Taken near the corner of Metropolitan and Union in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Taken near the corner of Ludow and Rivington on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Taken at the terminus of Mulberry in Chinatown, Manhattan.

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Ken Mac said...

love the court street blue and that lonely walker