Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Court Street Sign Sightings

Court Street is a minor thoroughfare that begins near Borough Hall in downtown Brooklyn and ends in Red Hook. I noticed a few shots where a sign that says 'Court Street', an idea surfaced and boom...This post was born.

The architecture of this shot is representative of much of what the flavor is in the downtown neighborhood of Cobble Hill. Taken at the corner of Court and Pacific.

Walking the Red Hook line as I approach Court Street below the Gowanus Expressway. At this moment, I am not too far for the terminus of Court Street.

The downtown Court Street station would like to extend you wishes of a Merry Friggin' Christmas. I offer my apologies, but this station like to rant about the crass commercialization of the Christmas season....Blah Blah Blah; I offered it a forum, but asked it to keep the rhetoric brief and fortunately it did.

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