Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

May the year of 2011 be a happy and successful one for everyone!

Now to address the "Fuck MTA" elephant that is firmly entrenched on this utility room door in the Lexington Avenue-53rd Street subway station. MTA is not very popular among New Yorkers these days and with the service cuts that occurred in early 2010, the fare hikes that just went into effects yesterday, and the plague of constant weekend/night service disruptions, the utterance of "Fuck MTA" into casual, if not in polite society, is becoming more commonplace. In can be found in such conversations as:

1. "Better take a coat, its going to be cold today...Fuck MTA"

2. "Man, I just can't seem to pass this 10mm kidney stone...Fuck MTA"

3. "I just completed my dissertation on Charm Quarks and I believe it will change everything...Fuck MTA"

4. "I managed to fly under the radar of the SEC yet again. Whoo Hoo!...Fuck MTA"

5. "I don't care what that scale says, I've weigh the same as I did when I was in high school...Fuck MTA"

6. "This tire fire is never going to be extinguished...Fuck MTA"

7. "If prepared properly, rodent can be just as succulent as fillet mignon...Fuck MTA"

Well, you get the idea...

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