Saturday, December 11, 2010

Downtown Brooklyn, Holiday Season 2010

The holiday season for our year of 2010 is upon us and that can mean only one thing, decor! While everyone in the city will undoubtedly be marveling at the gigantic tree in Rockefeller Center, I would like to bring forth the festive nature of Downtown Brooklyn during the holiday season.

The newly reopened Fulton Mall, which has been under construction for an extended duration is not festively decorated for the holiday season.

The same decorated Fulton Mall at night. Cold temps, checkout lines, credit card bills, pushy crowds, non-stop Christmas carols, packed subway trains, and sore feet all make the shopping experience a blur.

Not much decor in this shot, except in the distance, but all the lights give it a nice festive feel. If that doesn't do it for you, you 'You Go Girl' tag will! Looking down Atlantic Avenue.

The Christmas Tree Fire Special stands alert on Fulton Street to combat acts of retribution carried by the undoubtedly pissed off coniferous flora that received 'the chop' this holiday season.

The use of simple illumination as a form of holiday decor on one of the buildings used by the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Lafayette and St. Felix.

The Williamsburg Bank Building, also known as One Hanson Place, or as I know it, the art deco phallus, uses simple red illumination. This shot is actually a double exposure; this was accomplished by a vertical, then a horizontal exposure, position on the tripod. While I'm steeping this shot in enormous innuendo, I will say furthermore, exposure of the shot was done, as with exposing all things phallic in public, with great care...

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