Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Crumbling Vacated Merrill Street

I visited Indianapolis and the family for the holiday season and was supposed to go back to NYC on Sunday. That was until a major blizzard pummelled the east coast; as a result I am still here and that extended time can mean only one thing: Indianapolis Photos! This collection focuses on the area of Pennsylvania and the now vacated Merrill street, near the Lilly complex.
Used to be a tunnel, but most of that has been ripped out other than the rail overpass. Used to be a prominent hangout for homeless people and Lilly employees that smoked until all this was done. The dozens of homless people moved to another similar underpass about five blocks away. Taken on the near south side of Indianapolis in an area known as Pogue's Run.
Looking at the Chase Tower from Pennsylvania Street.

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Chris Barnett said...

The Merrill Street underpass is now busy 10x per year with pedestrian traffic from the Lilly lots to Lucas Oil Stadium. (If you're still in town waiting for a flight on Sunday afternoon, you can shoot the throngs of blue-clad Colts fans walking through.)