Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Madison, East Street, via Raymond...

Looking upon the Madison Avenue expressway from Raymond Street.

Old Madison and Raymond Street; this was of course Madison Avenue before it was converted into an expressway.
Looking east on Raymond Street toward Garfield Park.

The old Fireside South; my parents are good friends with the people who used to own and operate this place.

Taken from East Street on the far south end of the Bates-Hendricks area. It now serves as a document archival and management facility.


Rebecca said...

I love the bright slice of murals you captured in the first shot. :)

Anonymous said...

One of these days I need to explore Old Madison Ave. It's part of an 1830s state-funded road linking Madison to Indy. It follows the general path of old US 31 (or, really, its predecessor, the original SR 1) to Columbus, then SR 7 to Madison.

AmericanDirt said...

Glad you made it up there! Presumably that old restaurant building is vacant now?

mheidelberger said...

Rebecca: Thanks! Those murals are definitely a welcomed colorful change from the tagged up tunnel that used to be there.

Jimgrey: I don't quite remember for sure, but wasen't Madison Avenue at one time SR-431 on the south side(Keystone Ave on the north side)?

AmericanDirt: I intend on coming back to take a night shot that I believe would be really cool. The resuaurant known as Fireside South has been closed for years; not sure if someone occupies the building currently

Anonymous said...

I love the old stone curbing which is becoming increasingly rare. I can't tell from the second picture whether that curbing is stone or concrete. Often the stone on the street corners is granite instead of limestone.

Fireside South was an Indianapolis institution in its day so I am told.

The path Madison Avenue takes was once the tracks of an interurban railroad, that is how we get names like Stop 11 road and Stop 10 road, they were stops on the interurban.

That old factory in the last shot, wasn't that where Stokely Van Camp started making Gatorade? Seems to me it was, but I'm not sure about it.