Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diamond Chain Company


Kevin said...

I'm always happy to see an operating place of production so close to downtown. Even though the greedy side of me thinks this building could make cool lofts, who would want to live across the street from the IPL power plant?

cdc guy said...

Yep...that's definitely the industrial quarter of downtown: Citizens Energy steam plant, Diamond Chain, and across the river, GM.

So Matt...did the guard come out and demand your camera?

mheidelberger said...

The old power plant has kind of grown on me as far as visuals go, but the noise pollution put out by the steam plant is impossible to ignore.

No guards saw me taking this shot, but there's not much they could do to stop someone from taking shots from the sidewalk. At any rate, the irony is still pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

This sets on part of what was Greenlawn Cemetery, which was the old city cemetery. By around 1926 the cemetery was deconsecrated and the graves were exhumed and relocated to Crown Hill (for the most part). A few years back, I talked to an older guy who'd had family buried there. He said that they'd been told if they'd pay for the relocations, their loved ones would be moved. If not, they'd just move the headstones. So there were some graves left behind. Back in 1986, they were excavating for an addition to Diamond Chain and uncovered 19th century cast iron casket.

--King Leopardi