Monday, January 17, 2011

NYC Subway, Rolling Stock Profile: The R32 Car

The R32 car is the oldest model currently in revenue based operation. They were constructed in 1964 by the Budd Corporation and underwent refurbishment in the late 1980's. They used to run many routes on the old IND and BMT lines, but much of them have been phased out and now only serve the role of C trains. The R32 provides a rough, loud, and stiff ride as well as bearing the scars of years of graffiti (and its subsequent removal) and various operational mishaps. Being that they are completely constructed of stainless steel, they have resisted rust and corrosion more so than some of their younger brethren.

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Sam said...

Love it, just a beautiful front picture. Should be on the front page of a newspaper. Awesome work