Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Snowmageddon Limp

The fallout from the performance (or lack their of) of snow removal by the Department of Sanitation is still in full force. Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Goldsmith, and Sanitation Commissioner Doherty have all caught heat. Frustrations over the matter quickly turned to rumors of intentional work slowdowns by the Department of Sanitation, in retribution of budget cuts. A week later and the snow has all but melted; the mounds of snow have been supplanted by mounds of trash.

I was in Indianapolis when the blizzard struck, due to fly back on December 26, but that didn't end up happening until December 29th. I was much luckier than those who got stuck in the airports all over the county for I was staying with family. These shots were taken on December 30th, and at this time, Brooklyn and Queens were still crippled with many streets still unplowed. All of the photos you see here were shot within a few blocks of where I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with the exception of the last one, which was shot in Bensonhurst.

Another view of the previous post

While the Department of Sanitation has been focusing on snow, the garbage has been piling on top of the garbage that was there initially covered, by snow. Could be worse, rats and flies could be the beneficiaries of a sanitation strike in the middle of July.

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