Friday, November 20, 2009

Crappy Graffiti

I love looking at and photographing good street art and graffiti, but these are neither. These both on the south side, and provide me a chance to pawn off some of my useless pop culture prowess ;)

"He's never early, he's never late...The one thing you know is you always gotta wait"...Bonus points to who can identify that song.

Taken near the corner of Union and Morris.

OMG, they stimulated Kenny!!!
Taken along the Pleasant Run Trail, near Shelby Street.


Graeme said...

Velvet Underground

mheidelberger said...

Congratulations, that's it! Song: Waiting for my man, although I highly suspect the dealer in song is not of the marijuana variety.

Marie Brown said...

There are some great potential architecture/graffiti shots at Holliday Park under the Meridian Street Bridge if you haven't already discovered it...I've always wanted to get down there with a wide angle and try to capture it. One of my favorite spots in Indy.

Joe Konz said...

Interesting ... looks to me like a kokopelli knock-off!