Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abandon Stretch

On Washington Street, near the new I-65/70 interchange and Southeastern Avenue. I've always loved this stretch, but hope that the new, beast of an interchange in the area doesn't seal it's fate of having an abandoned status for the rest of it's days. At this point, it is neither easy or safe to get to it from downtown.


bhorg said...

I hope Angie's List at least buys it all up.

CorrND said...

I wouldn't count on that anytime soon. Angie's List appears to be stable for now but they recently outsourced part of their company. They probably won't need expansion space for quite a while.

On the bright side for these buildings, they do have very wide sidewalks and a grass buffer to the curb. And INDOT didn't screw up that side of Washington for pedestrians too badly. If only they had some curb parking (at least non-rush-hour parking), they'd probably be viable.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful stretch.
All well organized and in gorgeous styles.
It seems untouched compared to other older structures in town.
I hope it is developed and properly preserved.