Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Market Street

Right by the Indiana Parking Garage; a popular hangout for smokers.

I see no point in taking this down; when the next cold war starts, they have you covered. I once had a neighbor who exercised the same philosophy with their holiday decorations.


Kevin said...

I've always wondered the story behind those grates. Are they remnants of a long-gone building?

Last year this lot was blocked off, and I hoped that it was destined to be a building site. Dang it.

Rebecca said...

I love the grate! It's wonderful to find little bits of beauty in unexpected places.

mheidelberger said...

Kevin: It must be the remants of a demolished building; its a bit grandiose for a surface level parking lot, given Indianapolis' track record on the subject.

Rebecca: I love photography for just this reason. When I have a camera, bits of beauty will sometimes jump right out at me.