Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out of my Comfort Zone, Photographing Fragments

If you haven’t notice my preference to take full, wide angle urban scenes as opposed to microcosmic shots, here’s my official proclamation: I like to take full, wide angle urban scenes as opposed to microcosmic shots. This post celebrates the small attention to detail that you notice when you stop (pissing off all the people behind you) and observe the environment around you.

Kiss fail! (You will probably need to view this large to see what I mean) The 2nd Avenue subway station near 2nd and Houston on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

I wanted a shot full of windows, the lighted windows in the silhouetted building on the left was an added bonus. Taken near 9th and Broadway in Manhattan.

Crossed wires, fire escapes, a large chunk of infrastructure, and barbeque building clipart…This scene could probably sum up this entire blog! Taken from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The corner of Stillwell and Mermaid Avenues in Coney Island, Brooklyn. What’s in a name anyway? Its location at the Stillwell Avenue Subway Terminus and the boarded up windows makes it somewhat poignant.

Spotted under the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge, on the Brooklyn side, I shall call it…Bridge Measles.

Rusting, screeching, R42 train = Romantic…Seriously!

Phallic-esque traffic signal, that just happens to be a Broad and Beaver; nothing to see here, please move on. Taken in the Financial District.

Rust and fumes in all its dirty, gritty glory! Taken near Queens Plaza in Long Island City,Queens.

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