Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ominous Bodega


The local bodega and deli, the ubiquitous New York City icon.  They tend to get a bad reputation for being over priced or unclean.  I find them quite useful for late night convenience and don’t go in with the same expectations of a full size grocery store.  I came up with the idea of this humor-themed post when I joined and added photos to a few groups on Flickr centering around Bodegas.

Bed Stuy, Do or Deli.  This bodega is around to corner of my apartment; I was fiending for a zebra cake around 2am (and yes, I was completely sober) when I came upon this scene.  I knew immediately that my partially hydrogenated snack run was canceled, making the best of it, I pulled out my camera and snapped this photograph; I did so quite stealthily, owing to the fact that the NYPD is not exactly the most camera friendly organization in existence.

Do Not Resuscitate Deli.  This bodega is located in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn on 4th Avenue.  I spotted the D, N, and R trains and along came the title.

God Bless Deli.  Some people may see ‘God Bless’ as comforting, but I tend to view it as alarming.  Think about it, God Bless, like God Speed is something that many would say to someone that's about to embark on some risky endeavor like going into battle, having heart surgery, or riding a bicycle in New York City.  Taken from Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Terminal Deli.  Yeah, I know, I recently used this one…  Taken in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Guard Dog Deli.  Muscular dog, ready to pounce on and maul unsuspecting shoplifters.  Taken on Myrtle Avenue in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Local Militia Deli.  Gotta keep ‘King of England out of your face’ – Borrowed from Krusty the Clown.  Taken near Broadway and 9th in Manhattan.

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