Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Studious Cop

This cop was parked near the Indianapolis/Marion County Central Library; perhaps studying law for the IMPD can't seem to stop breaking it ;) Taken on Sahm, near Meridian Street in the St. Joseph neighborhood of Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you removed your head from your ass, you would notice what building the car is directly in front of: a police station. But you wouldn't be able to crack a stupid joke about that.

mheidelberger said...

You mean that building with the IMPD logo on it is a police station? You don't say? My crack is about the conduct of the IMPD as of late, the location of the car is purely coincidental. So anonymous tough guy, you a C-student cop that enjoys the simple pleasure of a random stop and frisk? Perhaps sport a lame mustache like in the film Super Troopers with over sized sunglasses? Or perhaps just a wannabe with a handcuff fetish?