Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Account of the Brooklyn Tornado

Brooklyn was hit a unconfirmed tornado the other day during a set of thunderstorms that rolled though the city. The shot below was taken shortly after on the street corner by my apartment in Bed Stuy, which mainly suffered some downed branches or varying sizes, but other neighborhoods weren't quite as lucky. Park Slope was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods where trees and street lights were ripped from the ground and a person in Queens was killed.

I was walking to the subway as this storm was beginning. Being a Midwest native, where severe storms are taken much more for granted during the months of March - October, I noticed the winds and ominous green sky were making the people caught out on the sidewalks understandably nervous. But not me! (sinister laugh here) Show me a gigantic wall cloud sporting a tornadic appendage and maybe we'll talk. Things got a little more bizarre once I was in the subway station. My station is the Bedford-Nostrand Station, which is a gigantic subterranean hallway that runs a few block span between Bedford and Nostrand Avenues. The peak of the storm hit while I was traversing this, newly formed, wind tunnel. Trash and newspapers streamed by as my hand clung to my head to protect my face from a rogue New York Times and so I wouldn't loose my hat. I continued to board the train, met with my friend in Manhattan, and didn't even give it a second thought until I came back home that night and saw the news.

The only evidence of a storm at the corner of DeKalb and Spencer is a wet street.

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