Friday, September 24, 2010

Downtown Renaissance, Scenes from the ever changing Brooklyn Central Business District

During modern times many central business districts experienced decline, disinvestment, and blight. In a suburban exodus, the 1960's and '70s were not good times for downtowns across America. Downtown Brooklyn is one of those places that breaks that mold and continues to reinvent itself even today. Downtown is getting denser with more people wanting to live there as opposed the commercial precedent downtown Brooklyn once held. The district is home to many schools, universities, and MetroTech Center.

The area is also a major transit hub with several subway lines heading into Manhattan and Long Island Railroad connections for commuters.

High rise construction is ongoing as recent rezoning laws allow for residences.

This specific project is known as the Brooklyner, a modern high rise apartment building. Nice, but not in my price range ;)

This shot was taken on the grounds of the MetroTech Center, a business and educational center. The MetroTech Center is 16 acre pedestrian zone.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway cuts through downtown Brooklyn.

Many of the surrounding neighborhoods such as Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Ft. Greene, Boerum Hill (pictured), Dumbo, ect have so much historic charm.

Well, ok, I experimented with this photo quite a bit, but this is a shot of Fulton Street, which is under construction, adding pedestrian amenities.

A well established downtown icon, The Williamsburg Bank Building dominates the skyline. Taken from Schermerhorn Street, near the MTA Transit Museum.

This terminated vista is provided courtesy of Borough Hall.

Each photo is geotagged and a larger version may be viewed by clicking on the image...

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