Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miracle on 52nd Street

These were all taken at the corner of 52nd and College near Broad Ripple Village... I put quite a bit of detail in these shots, including snow and are best if viewed large (what a surprise huh?).


Stopped at Taste for breakfast, ended up having the bacon cheddar quiche; although it tasted great, I doubt its the healthiest thing around ;)
Blindly awaiting for sustenance; the glasses come off, because I hate wearing them when I shoot, but its a catch-22 because I can't see to operate the camera with them off..Oh well, I make it work.

It arrives, camera goes off, glasses go on :)


The Urbanophile said...

This is a particularly great photo series. Taste is so awesome. I had lunch there on Thursday. Yum. It would clearly stand proud in any city, anywhere.

I would not call this Broad Ripple though.

Downtown Indy said...

I've been following and all the old photos posted there. A characteristic of them is the slow exposures and slight blurring of people walking, etc. That shot of the people crossing the street had that 'old' look to it and it the people had blurred ever so slightly, it would have been much like those old photos.

This may be a technique worth experimenting with (if you're not handholding, that is).

It's something I'm going to give a try one evening this week when I head downtown to shoot the circle and lights.

mheidelberger said...

Urb, Definitely in agreement about Taste, one of, if not the favorite places for breakfast. I suppose you right about its location, about 10 blocks south of the actual village...

DI, I've played around with that technique with verhicles, buses, and other large moving objects, but I could try it with people.

Alex said...

Great Shots!

Not to be picky, but they are at the corner of 52nd and College (not Keystone)... I would hate to confuse the historian 100 years from now trying to archive your blog :)

mheidelberger said...

Thanks Alex, good catch, its been corrected.