Monday, December 7, 2009

Its Winter Time in Chatham Arch

Well, OK, the winter solstice doesn't arrive for another few weeks yet, but this weekend felt like winter. I walked a few streets of Chatham Arch taking advantage of the favorable lighting.

11th and College

11th and Park...This is once of the strangest ice shots I've ever taken; although I can't remember the last time I shot ice.

10th and Park

10th and Central

On Massacheusetts Avenue

Near the newest section of the Cultural Trail


cdc guy said...

I never noticed before your picture of that 60's church at 10th & Park: the outdoor laminated wood beams and tongue-and-groove wood roof decking typical of churches from that era have been covered by lap siding. Ick.

Rebecca said...

Lots of great shots, but I LOVE the one with the binoculars. That would look amazing blown up large and hung on a wall. :)

Marshall said...

What building is shown in that last photo? I love that entryway....

mheidelberger said...

Its a small vacant building in an alleyway that connects Mass Ave to College.

Joe Konz said...

My faves are the Bushman Building (beautiful color, artful tree juxtaposition, spot lighting and sky framing) and the sidwalk drama. Nicely done!