Monday, October 13, 2008

A lone saxaphone in the distance on a Saturday night

With a little fussing with the camera settings, I was able visually document what it would be like if Tom Waits sang a song describing Indianapolis.

Looking East on Washington Street; steam emanating up from the street does it for me every time.

Looking West on Market to the statehouse

It was rather breezy that night, but a brief eerie still allowed me to take this.

And this.

Washington and Meridian

Multiple Choice, circle the correct answer:
What year was this picture taken 2008, 1998, 1988, or 1978?

Virginia Ave looking toward downtown


neverzbird said...

magnificent story of the city night and its allure*

thundermutt said...

That "pick the date" shot could be from any of those has probably looked the same since those heavy 70's planters and benches were installed.

thundermutt said...

The Chamber building also has some "Prairie Gothic" elements that predate the more streamlined Art Deco look.

For another solid and mostly intact Art Deco commercial building take a look at the Chase (former INB) Maple Road branch on E. 38th.

The ground level of the Penn Arts buiding at 16th and Penn is way more modern than its contemporaries, and it has a bit of Art Deco streamlining in its streamlined fluted stonework and glass storefronts.

mheidelberger said...

I will definitely go and check both of them out; thanks for the info.