Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indianapolis Neighborhoods - Pogue's Run

On Meridian Street just north of McCarty and about two blocks from the Lucas Oil Stadium is a neighborhood called Pogues Run. It's a small, charming, and surprisingly quiet (considering it's location) neighborhood; after eating at Shapiros, I decided to walk it.

Gill Saw Service

Your so cool! archway...I would walk through you, but I'm afraid you'll insert me under several hundred of pounds of rubble.

Classic truck in front of a classic house.

There were several classic trucks in this neighborhood.

Flux Capacitor has been re calibrated...
The same house in as picture #3, just as cool in color.

Classic Duplexes

More classic duplexes

The view of the LOS from the neighborhood on Merrill Street. This was as far as I got on the walk; I was greeted by a Lilly security guard. Apparently, Lilly doesn't like it when you film anything around their property.


Kevin said...

It is amazing how quiet that area is, only a few blocks from the LOS. The cool thing about that Victorian house is that it's the only residence in the city where you have a view of Monument Circle.

WYA! said...

We just discovered this area when we went to Lucas Oil and ate at Shapiro's too. Great pics.