Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Big Platform Tablet Chill

(Commuter relaxing with an Ipad in the Court Street Station, Brooklyn Heights)

The amount of people obliviously chilling with tablets and other pricey consumer electronics on crowded public transit is shocking to me.  Every time I hear somebody express any kind of angst over the possibilities of being mugged, or more laughably, pick pocketed, I sigh.  Why would a thief, these days, get that up close and personal, incurring risk, when a quick grab and shove would work smashingly?  What is worse, Wifi is being implemented in select stations around the city, which will only serve to generate even fatter, fruit, which is not only low hanging, but touching the ground.  Even the MTA is starting to place PSAs in stations, trains, and buses addressing this issue.

Even though I blog frequently and am present on multiple social networks, anyone who really knows me can tell you that I refuse to plugged in 24 hours a day; I don't own a tablet or a smart phone.  I only state this as a matter of disclosure and am by no means some Luddite, technophobe, suggesting one pry their face from their gadgets; I just pleading a case for the exercise of common sense.  One wouldn't casually brandish $600.00 in cash with one hand on their commute, why do so with a device of equal value?

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