Friday, August 17, 2012

Steam and Burning Plastics, The Astoria Truck Fire of 8/16/2012

Here I am, walking through Astoria on my lunch break, trying to decide what would be pleasing to the pallet, when I detected a stench most foul.  I look up and spot several firefighters tending tending to an engulfed,  parked NYC DOT utility truck.  Many of the pedestrians in the area were trying to decide whether to gawk or escape the acrid aroma of auto parts in last stage combustion, with camera in hand, the choice for me was clear, souvlaki would have to wait.

By the time I got to the other side of Astoria Blvd, the fire department had made short of the blaze, but were still charged with having to pry open every smoldering nook and cranny.  With the heat and stench, imagine the fun they must be having on a hot summer day.

I say with admiration that these guys do a job that I, and most people, are not at all cut out for.

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