Friday, July 27, 2012

Scenes from the Hoboken Terminal Waterfront


Its been a while since I have left the city of New York to go anywhere.  My duties don’t require much travel these days, but I have been wanting to venture out for some time.  Available time has been in short supply, so I needed to go somewhere close, really close.  Hoboken waterfront, here I come!

Meet the crew of the Hudson River Cruiser VULCAN III.

A Flickr acquaintance informed me that this used to be a pier that burned down in the early 1980’s

As someone who lives near Downtown Brooklyn, I am quite familiar with the Lower Manhattan skyline from the east, however, I am not used to this perspective.  From here, get a different view of Gehry’s New York Building (8 Spruce Street), the Woolworth Building, the Financial District, and am actually able to see Battery Park City.

The Hoboken terminal itself.  I would have liked to have gotten some shots of the interior, but it’s a somewhat camera-phobic, environment.

Overhead catenaries for the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system and NJ Transit and Metro North trains.

Although this train was photographed in Jersey City, it was responsible for getting me to Hoboken Terminal.

We both eventually had to make the commute back to New York, our modes of transit however, were different.

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