Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach 36th Street

I spend a large amount of time in the Western part of Queens, and have featured many parts of it on this blog.  I rarely get the opportunity to make it out to the outlying areas of Queens to the east, so I feel like I have neglected some of the most interesting parts of the five boroughs here.  This post is the beginning of an effort to rectify this situation.  This shot was captured in the area known as Edgemere, on the Rockaway Peninsula, near Far Rockaway.

I was drawn to this street, for its quite a surreal site, even in some of the lighter density streets in New York City, to see something quite like this.  The streets themselves are completely accessible by car.  On one side of this area are a mix of residential neighborhoods and groups of new development, on the other, the Atlantic Ocean.

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