Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Visual Closeout Madness

Musashi commutes to Lower Manhattan using the J train!  Who knew?  Taken from the platform of the Marcy Avenue subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Every live poultry place has a competitive edge, take this one is Greenpoint for example; its no-nonsense façade lets you know they mean business.  The one in my neighborhood carries rabbits in stock, all about the live animal niche market…

Say hello to Freeman Alley in the Bowery.  Now that your formally introduced, you may want to view this one large.  Once you do, you can bask in fire escape goodness and learn that someone really hates Che Guevara.

This light in the tunnel stood there for five minutes before finally creeping to the platform, teasing everyone on the platform, whom have already been waiting 10-15 minutes.  Oh well, this was occurring in the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in downtown Brooklyn, so while I wait I can enjoy it all in its grimy glory and appreciate that I am looking at the platform which Michael Jackson danced to his ‘Bad’ music video.

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