Friday, February 11, 2011

Trekking the Williamsburg Bridge


What exactly do I mean by trekking?  Strolling on foot over the East River from Williamsburg Brooklyn to the Lower East Side of Manhattan with temperatures in the lower to mid 20’s with wind gusts of 35 mph…Hell no!  My camera and I were warmly aboard a Manhattan bound J train, besides, getting strange looks from people as I excitedly bounced from window to window of the car getting my shots made the experience even more satisfying.

The Williamsburg Bridge is a productive, multimodal one; it serves automobiles, three subway routes, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The grade of the bridge is slight, but enough to add an interesting slant to the Williamsburg skyline when I use it as the perspective for my composition.

The two shots above show both structures from Cooperative Village and public housing on the Lower East Side of Manhattan as soon as you cross the East River.

As soon as you pass Cooperative Village, the train begins its journey underground into Lower Manhattan under Nassau Street.

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