Friday, October 15, 2010

THP: Recent Updates

The Heidelberger Papers quietly passed its second year in existence. The primary reason for this; a certain blog author forgot the anniversary of his own blog ;) On October 12, 2008, The Heidelberger Papers opened with its first post using a cheap, single mega pixel camera.

Originally, this blog began with photographic content exclusively from my home town of Indianapolis. It then transitioned to content from cities around the United States in which I travel with primary focus on New York City, where I currently live. The spirit of the blog, however, has not changed; it celebrates the streets of cities, locations both storied and unsung through a medium in which my talents reside: photography.

I have recently been engaging in changes to enhance The Heidelberger Papers experience:

1. Blog Layout: I have been playing around with templates and deciding whether to keep Blogger or go with another blogging service such as WordPress. I have decided to stick with Blogger at this time. The interface and templates may be undergoing changes regularly as I experiment, please be patient :)

2. New URL: The Heidelberger Papers now has a new address. The old address, does and will continue to work, so your bookmarks and subscriptions to feeds will not require changing. At the moment, the domain change deleted the blogrolls and am in the process of entering those back in. An unforeseen glitch.

3. Blog driving with Flickr. Flickr is an awesome application for displaying, sharing, and managing photos and can be quite...addictive. Some of the valuable features Flickr offers are the ability to view larger sizes, geotagging, organizing photos in sets and enhancesd tagging. You may click on any image within the blog and instantly have access to this information. You may also want to visit my Photostream at

4. New Links and other content from myself. I have included links to other content I deliver to the web including other blogs, Flickr, and my Facebook page. I have also included an interesting page, Hate Mail. I don't particularly think of my blog as being provocative, but on occasion, I do receieve comments from a troll or negative email message, which are available here.

5. Thanks for reading, it is very much appreciated!


Rebecca said...

Congrats on two years of blogging! Hopefully there are many more years of pictures to come. :)

Dragan Fly said...

Congrats on the anniversary Matt. Two years is a big deal. I think I just passed my two months here.

Looking forward to more.

The Urbanophile said...

How did I miss that you moved to New York? I noticed the content shift obviously, but thought it was still traveling, though I did wonder how you got so many outer borough shots.

Another Indy blogger makes the move, I guess.