Monday, October 18, 2010

Subway Drama

I encountered a bit of subway drama today. I was on an R train heading back to Brooklyn, which then stopped suddenly. We were stopped for about 10 minutes with cops and MTA employees shuffling about with an occasional announcement about an investigation. As you can imagine, large amounts of speculation began to become airborne within the subway car.

The train eventually began to move and came into the station and passengers from the platform began to fill in other curious passengers on what happened. Apparently an elderly man walking with the assistance of a cane, fell onto the tracks, and the train in which I was riding, missed hitting him within inches. He was rescued and taken off the tracks, and from what I could see, without further incident. I don't know if he is a betting man (I am not), but I suggest he goes and buys a lottery ticket soon (because I would make an exception in this case).

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