Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgia...Bitter Cold

I recall taking this shot, it was that viaduct over Pleasant Run near Christian Park in Indianapolis. The air was like ice, and my frozen fingers struggled to depress the camera shutter. Its now summer and the sweaty beads of reminiscence brings its appeal forth. Every year, I complain about every season, begging for the next one to make the scene...Repeat.

This location has been geotagged in Flickr, you may click the image to view it...


Rebecca said...

I complain about all of 'em except fall. Fall is perfection. :)

Nice shot! Christian park was near my grandparents' house, so I have lots of fond memories of it.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot, I can almost feel the cold you speak of. Is that a main line of some kind? I just walked near a train bridge lately myself.