Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Hail the CTA Blue Line

Well Ok, you need not humble yourself to prostrate to the next approaching train, but it is quite a nice service. One line can transport you from O'Hare International to the loop without transferring for $2.25. This is one of the most extensive posts in Heidelberger Paper's history ;)

I fly to cities / Airports frequently and in my experience, how do other cities I frequent size up:
New York City / LGA: No direct subway access, but a shuttle bus ($2.25 can get you to the 125th and Lexington subway station (free transfer), in which a complex pattern of train transfers can proceed it to get you around Manhattan. This runs 24 hours a day with reduced frequency off hours.
New York City / JFK: An independent tram operated by the NY/NJ port authority ($5.00 and no free transfer to the subway, which is $2.25) can take you from the terminals to Jamaica Station on the far side of Queens, then a complex pattern of train transfers may also ensue to get you around Manhattan. Trips from JFK to Midtown Manhattan can take an hour and a half or more.
Washington DC / DCA: A subway line runs (fees vary on distance traveled) from the airport and usually only one transfer (at Metro Center) will be required to get you where you need to go.
Indianapolis International: A soon to be terminated, express bus line is available ($7.00) to take you downtown. Another bus line runs local (recently increased to $2.00). Just don't expect you to get anywhere late night or early morning.


cdc guy said...

You forgot Philadelphia, where the regional suburban (heavy) rail system runs from the airport to 30th St. Station and from there almost everywhere via connections to subway, bus, and surface rail.

mheidelberger said...

Thanks for the additional info cdc! Unfortunately I have yet to take advantage that service, but will the next time I find myself in Philadelpia.

Anonymous said...

Take plenty of money. Though trains, subways, and buslines are conveniently co-located in Philly, each mode change costs you.