Sunday, December 4, 2011

Invocation of the Two Way Dialog, OR: Sophomoric Display via a Sharpie


Let embark on yet another journey of that which is fit for the lowest common denominator.  Ad defacement is a way of life in the New York City subway system.  Their presence in the system proper is so ubiquitous in fact, that these defacements are really the only reason I notice the ads to begin with.  Some of these graffiti artists that end up getting busted make claims that what they do goes beyond mere vandalism of public property, but since we get bombarded with these ads, they claim to turn them into a two way dialog.  I, yours truly, doesn’t quite know about that, but I will tell you that some of these lowbrow scrawlings have been known to lighten up my commute.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, some of the material here may be considered offensive by some individuals.  If you are one of those types, you may want to look away from this one.

Ooooooh, how subversive.  You could have just drawn a basic phallus and left it at that, but you sir (assuming the artist is male) are a complicated man.  Admittedly, I do kind of see the logic in this; the expression of the subject bares that of a subtle wince of someone who is receiving micturition from a third party (relationship notwithstanding).

More vulgar subway a defacements involving women!  This ‘gem’ was found at station in my very own neighborhood.  Hmmm, I wonder what the artist is trying to express here?  Perhaps it’s someone conveying their dissatisfaction with the crass commercialization of Christmas?  Maybe it’s the work of a tortured misogynistic soul who compulsively scrawls on subway ads?  Could it be a sophomoric teenager with Satan worshiping tendencies sporting a broad tipped sharpie?  Either way, how could I once again resist the lowest common denominator.  Needless to say, you will probably have to view this photo large.

Air travel with an enlightened, accepting philosophy.  Forget politics and legislative changes promoting equality, the only thing the LGBT community really needs is someone with a sharpie riding on the C Train.  This photo should also be viewed large to see the detail.

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