Monday, November 29, 2010

Slightly Haunted

Anyone that personally knows me would tell you that I'm not the type of person that's subscribes to the supernatural. They would be correct, I don't; that doesn't mean however, that I can't portray these themes in my work. Urban hauntings will be the theme of this post.

The Gas Light Inn is a working class pub on the south side of Indianapolis, near the corner of Meridian and Pleasant Run. They make a gigantic pork tenderloin sandwich and is rumored to be haunted.

Tank-o-graffiti, what makes you appear so ominous? Achieving an ominous feel in photographs taken in underground places such as in this subway station (86th and Lexington) is not difficult, I just wish I would have caught some photos of ectoplasmic rats floating about.

Have you ever experienced the phenomon of an ice cream truck equipped with less than optimal speakers that make the music it plays sound slow and out of pitch? Its sounds like haunted clown music from IT. You expect to be served by Pennywise, but it turns out to be an amputee, who has fewer teeth than limbs. The most frightening aspect of this image however, is the use of the improper homophone, SUNDAYS. This shot was taken on the west side of Indianapolis.

I ain't superstitious, but a black cat just crossed my trail...wha wha. Jeff Beck walks with me through the 5 Pointz area of Long Island City, Queens.

This shot was also taken in Long Island City, ghostly light and tree shadows haunt Queens Plaza. The clang, clang, clang sound of the elevated train adds to the mood.

How many things are more frightening than street signs making shadow puppets? Not many, except maybe the haunted pathogens stagnating in the nearby Gowanus Canal. Taken in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Gotham City lives through dead industrial buildings. On this chilly night, a cloudy, moon lit sky overshadows abandoned art deco industrial buildings along the New York Navy yard in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. This area is rapidly changing, and its only a matter of time before variances are made and apartment/condos are available at inflated costs (insert scary, sinister laugh here)...

Damn! Haunted garbage, but sill an unmistakable lack of an ectoplasmic rodent presence; only the occasional hipster rapidly passing through this rougher stretch of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This photo was taken under the old BMT Jamaica Line spanning Broadway.

Can't really explain why I find this place a little eerie, but I do; maybe its the gas meter... Taken near the corner of Virginia and College in the Fletcher Place neighborhood of Indianapolis.

Throw in some lousy graffiti, ivy, and a little fog, and you have one bona fide haunted photograph. I'm not sure what role this structure was assigned at one point, but there are several signs stating "government property, keep out". This shot was also taken near the Navy Yard near Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.